Specializing in Trust Tax Returns & Estate Tax Return Services in Rhode Island

William T Horan CPA- Trust Tax Return Services Preparer Consultant for Trusts and Estates Income Tax Return Preparer Filing RI-706 RI706

William T. Horan, CPA, Narragansett, Rhode Island

William Horan can competently perform any of the accounting functions required for trust income tax returns, estate tax returns, estate income tax returns, and gift income tax filings. A properly prepared final accounting can be delivered to an estate administrator. For example, Bill can determine how much, and what property, will transfer from the estate to the trust after the estate terminates, and the trust takes ownership of the decedent's assets. Trust Tax Returns and are his specialty.

Do you have a Complex Individual Tax Return?

A complex personal tax return, for example, could have a Schedule C for your business, stock investments, real estate investments, and partnerships. Life events will also impact your tax liabilities. They included real estate transactions, marriage, births, divorce, real estate transactions, inheritence, sole proprietor income, etc. Avoid underpayment of taxes due which can charge you with a penalty, late filing penalties, and interest charges. The self-employed must pay self-employment tax, the alternative minimum tax or tax on unearned income from dependents. Other complexities include an individual who receives non-wage income such as dividends, capital gains, rents and royalties. Let Madison Consulting ease your concerns about tax compliance.

Income Tax Planning & Compliance for Trust Tax Returns and Estate Tax Returns

What are the general responsibilities of an estate administrator or a trust trustee? You may already realize there are unique tax and accounting requirements which demand an experienced professional who specializes in filing taxes for estates, trusts, and also gift tax returns. Having William Horan ease your burden with income tax preparation can help ensure that you are always in compliance with tax and accounting requirements. Call Madison Consulting Group and let us assist you with your income tax filing responsibilities.

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